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Meet Jeronica Frierson, LICSW

Clinical Social Worker & Your Wellness Partner

As a  Social Worker with over 12 years of experience and a proud graduate of Alabama A&M University, I've had the privilege to serve our community in meaningful capacities.  Because of this, I've gained the skills needed to truly provide you with an exceptional therapeutic experience through Your Wellness Perspective.

I realize it's not easy to ask for help and in all honesty, I'll admit it's not always easy for me to do either.  It's because of this that I appreciate your willingness to reach out in considering me to partner with you on your wellness journey.  Therapy is not a one size fits all process and it's really important to connect with someone who seeks to understand and affirm you while guiding you through your wellness journey.  My work and life experiences allow me to appreciate the strength and resilience that resides in all of us...even when life gets really hard or we're experiencing feelings of defeat or discouragement.

At Your Wellness Perspective, I want to help you tap into what's already there.  For many of us, we need a little assistance with "clearing the debris" that can get in the way of us showing up as our best self.  Your Wellness Perspective is just that...YOURS!!!  All of us deserve an individualized experience, rooted in evidence-based practices that allow us to increase our self-awareness, emotional development and improve our relationship with ourselves and environment.  


Your Wellness Perspective, LLC

Your Wellness Partner
Counseling & Consulting

Why YWP?

Let's take a few things into consideration...

Wellness is A Journey...

We often view wellness as a destination when it's so much more of a journey.  When life  takes us on the scenic route, it's easy to get frustrated and discouraged.  Let's talk about your journey and figure out a way to appreciate or learn from the bumps we endure along the way.

You Deserve to Prioritize Your Needs...

When you think about your priorities, where along that list do you fall?  Your family needs you, your jobs needs you (you need your job), friends, church and the list goes on.  Do you always consider the needs of others first?  How do you feel?  How do you want to feel?  Let's talk about it!  

What would you do if you felt better?

If everything about life fell into place, what would you do?  How has feelings of fatigue, depression, anxiety or lack of confidence impacted your ability to do what makes your heart smile?  What are you missing out on because you just don't feel like you have the energy or drive to do it?

Do you find yourself attempting to pour from an "empty cup?"

How often do you find yourself running on fumes?  You give...and give...and give until you can't anymore.  However, we tend not to stop and replenish but rather, pour from an empty cup.  After a while, the load gets heavy.  We can't always control what we carry but we most certainly can control HOW we carry it.  

You deserve to present as your best self...

How are you showing up for yourself?  How are you showing up for your world?  You deserve to operate in the fullness of your best self!  Let's talk about how to get there.

You don't have to wait until something is "wrong!"

Wellness is for everyone! We don't need to wait until something is wrong to check -in with ourselves.  Let's consider the benefit of not waiting until we've gotten "fed up" or paralyzed by our feelings before we reach out for help.  It's never too late but it most certainly is never too early.

I work for and with you...therefore, I'm excited to work around your schedule! My goal is to make it convenient to do your important work.  Appointments are available BEFORE & AFTER normal business hours to include WEEKENDS!!!